Case Study

A Glowing Online Growth for Jouviance


Jouviance offers a unique line of skincare solutions made in Canada. Their products address, among other things, common concerns about skin aging. Consumers can purchase Jouviance’s line of products in pharmacies, and on their online store.


Most beauty and skincare companies sell in-store through retailers. However, more and more customers, of all ages, are integrating digital into their purchasing process. Jouviance wants to diversify its marketing touchpoints with online advertising and e-commerce to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviors.

  • Jouviance wants to increase brand awareness in order to stay top of mind and influence online and in-store purchases.
  • The Quebec company also wants to expand its sales channels and increase online sales.


Paid search advertising and social media advertising were the most appropriate tactics to help Jouviance reach its target audience quickly.

What we did:

  • Leverage advertising on Facebook and Instagram to attract new prospects to the website, thereby expanding their audiences.
  • Present interesting promotional offers to past website visitors through a social media remarketing campaign.
  • Leverage video content to tell the brand’s story, and presents their key brand differentiators in seconds.
  • Test different creatives depending on where the consumer is in his purchasing journey.
  • Manage and optimize Google Search campaigns to attract qualified users actively searching for Jouviance or its products.
  • Make sure Jouviance was present when it mattered for its target audience. Because of COVID-19, people rely more on digital to make their purchase or research information. Digital marketing made Jouviance visible during key moments of the purchasing funnel.

The result: a glowing growth for Jouviance.

  • Jouviance significantly increased its digital marketing investment in 2020. That said, the Bloom team has been able to maintain an average ROAS (Return on ad spend) of 11.
  • In 2020, Jouviance revenues from Google and Facebook increased by 523% YoY.
  • In 2020, the number of transactions from Google and Facebook increased by 1194% YoY.
  • The average conversion rate on Google and Facebook also increased by 76% YoY.

Christine Ste-Marie

Social Media and E-commerce Manager

The Bloom team is very proactive and always looking for ideas to help us achieve our business goals and seize new opportunities.

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