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FNH News Service provides unique reporting about:
FOOD: Diet and Health, Nutrition Labeling, Food Safety, Functional Foods, Dietary Supplements,
           Government Regulations, New Producs, Market Trends, Books
HEALTH:  Disease Prevention and Fitness; Women's, Men's and Children 's Health; The Environment and Health,
                Alternative Medicine, Prescription and Over-the Counter Medicines and Medical Devices, Books
SMOKING AND HEALTH:  "Butt In," by Goody L. Solomon and German Munoz, is a resource manual for those
                who want to live smoke free  

At FNH News Service, you get accurate, useful news about food and health -- with a straightforward, down-to-earth approach that allows you to learn and apply information quickly.

FNH News Service supplies: 
: News roundups with insightful analysis
: In-depth research and policy analysis
: Consumer Focus Features and other special articles for newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

Food Nutrition Health News Service
1712 Taylor St. NW
Washington, DC 20011